About Forget The Knots



Forget The Knots is a local Ottawa Massage Practice. We offer therapeutic massage services at our various locations, conveniently located to serve you better.
Enjoy a midday break with local massage therapists to get tips on how to:
  • Relieve stress from your shoulders
  • Maintain your Mental health
  • Have better ergonomics while at work!
  • Maintain healthy living practices.
Forget the Knots is a massage practice with several locations around Ottawa. We offer appointments at your convenience at our locations with our professional team of Massage Therapists.

We offer massages that offer three advantages:



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Book now to start feeling happier

The therapist arrives with a massage table, sheets, lotions, oils and music.

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Easy bookings

Bookings by email make it easy for you to stay in touch with your massage therapist.


We come to you

Please send an email for mobile massage requests and an applicable surcharge will apply.

We let our fingers do the talking so you can keep on walking!